Wednesday, 29 December 2021

Aros Integared Development Application..

After seen Murks on Aros , I wanted to giveup my porting of AmiDE(actually porting is Done but needs finishing touches)or work on murks.

Murks is amazing but luck of syntax highlighting so I started a text editor from scratch 1st, rest will fallow.

Mui/zune class base integration. 

1st stage design.(Done)
2nd stage add basic mui template to work on.(Done)
3rd stage add IO like keyboard and mouse handler.(Done)

4th stage event handlers.(Done)
5th stage basic editor without syntax highlighting. (Done)

6th stage design syntax handling events.(in progress)

-simple Text render class function code added.
-curser x/y cord are set.

I can happily 😊 say C syntax plugin working ..

text renders really well , just need to sort the actual render engine for the text editor 

Aros TwinsIDE 0.1 , more update as I progress.. 

Load/save functionality added.
Just bit slow progress due to busy life but getting there..

Thanks to deadwood I managed to compile latest Murks and what left is to integrade TwinsIDE class to Murks.

TwinsIDE 0.2
TW-IDE progress video soon..

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