Sunday, 21 June 2020

Tuesday, 7 January 2020


I have been inactive for while since I lost my Aros partition.

Rebuilding my icaros and 1st program I want to develop is SFSDoctor for Aros only.
aSFSDoctor 1.0 AROS x86 version

1st AROS SFS Recovery application compiled 
and just adding new GUI interfacing for easy usage.

-Standard scan
-Intelegent scan
-Deep Scan
-image only scan (from testdisk/photorec)
-ResumeScan (no time today than stop the  progress carry on other times. It's good option if you have huge harddisk)

Other helpful functions.
-CloneHarddisk to file (save entire harddisk as it is to file)

Planned addons
-SFSbuilder (format,restructure,freshstart))
-mount,unmount sfs file.
--sfs disk health check.

More info
Planned interface has 2 option,  1 is fill full everything on display and 2nd option is minimal as possible but same time fastest because less CPU given to gui progress and more to actual work.

There are no release date since I am working on my free time so dont expect magic in one week lol but you can sent me your email for testing aSFSDoctor and also I am looking for someone with graphic skills to draw nice icons and splash screen.

Saturday, 24 September 2016

ProTracker / version 2.3D

ProTracker" (version 2.3D)


in action..

Download link should be ready after some tests or do request at

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Icaros Desktop 2.1 is OUT

I made a wallpaper using LunaPaint on AROS for new icaros..

in action

Download the latest icaros

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

meteMP3 for AROS

Hi folks i have tried few times but got busy with other stuff instead of finishing mp3 i have planned for some time, I know we have

HarmonyPlayer and covers most of formats but i wanted this MP3 player to be bit more special.

My actual plan was to use AROS process/task for decoding but than decided give pthread a try and my 1st test has passed and decoder decodes well.

Now structure for player/gui  is build and player/gui handler all set to and ready so whats left to do ?

I dont want meteMP3 p[ayer to look like HarmonyPlayer, Should be more simple to and easy.

Tag info = lost the one i had or still in my HD but can not find atm but there is one %100 and also thinking to add cover images from musicbrain if tcp stack is on.


Output = Direct AHI.

Decoder = currently tested on mpg123 + mad not sure which route to take but both given good result so far.

Use custome classes for the the button set and time/volume sliders etc..  

meteMP3 must have Drag n Drop and also little icon sits in desktop handles every mp3 that drops there.Done..

Icon done using lunaPaint by me.

I am just getting back to coding and i have more than 10 unfinished projects to do so this one is one of them..

Some Screen Shoots

Current Progress

1st look while testing the functions and building the interface to match the mockup's.

Tagging info ID3 v 2.x only atm..  

Its getting there..

Playlist management

Just Playing about with the look..

ID3 Tagging Info.

meteMP3 v 0.1 Beta is available for testing, Do request at


Note! This bogger updated using OWB on AROS and thanks to deadwood.