Wednesday, 29 December 2021

Aros Integared Development Application..

After seen Murks on Aros , I wanted to giveup my porting of AmiDE(actually porting is Done but needs finishing touches)or work on murks.

Murks is amazing but luck of syntax highlighting so I started a text editor from scratch 1st, rest will fallow.

Mui/zune class base integration. 

1st stage design.(Done)
2nd stage add basic mui template to work on.(Done)
3rd stage add IO like keyboard and mouse handler.(Done)

4th stage event handlers.(Done)
5th stage basic editor without syntax highlighting. (Done)

6th stage design syntax handling events.(in progress)

-simple Text render class function code added.
-curser x/y cord are set.

I can happily 😊 say C syntax plugin working ..

text renders really well , just need to sort the actual render engine for the text editor 

Aros TwinsIDE 0.1 , more update as I progress.. 

Load/save functionality added.
Just bit slow progress due to busy life but getting there..

Thanks to deadwood I managed to compile latest Murks and what left is to integrade TwinsIDE class to Murks.

Sunday, 6 June 2021

arSFSDoctor 1.1

arSFSDoctor digging deeper than before to find files from any partition not just AROS only..

New option added to go deep down into any part of the partition offsets and scan for.
AROS datatype images and elf executables atm..

There are toons of file types and formats to add but I am just adding amiga/AROS datatype images and elf executables.

I will add more file types if needed or if I get request.

It's a lot easier to just add datatypes because less work for me..

Most of my free time taken by this project and I do enjoy working on arSFSDoctor.

I am going to makesure AROS has fully working recovery application and I will add and update much as I can.

I will compile AROS 68k/64bit version as soon as I complete this project to pro level..

Do email if you want me to add any other filetypes you may need or lost and want to recover..

Sunday, 6 December 2020

just playing about with codes..

1st run
I am not so great when it comes to converting big endian to little but I give it a go..

Sunday, 21 June 2020

Tuesday, 7 January 2020


I have been inactive for while since I lost my Aros partition.

Rebuilding my icaros and 1st program I want to develop is SFSDoctor for Aros only.
aSFSDoctor 1.0 AROS x86 version

1st AROS SFS Recovery application compiled 
and just adding new GUI interfacing for easy usage.

-Standard scan
-Intelegent scan
-Deep Scan
-image only scan (from testdisk/photorec)
-ResumeScan (no time today than stop the  progress carry on other times. It's good option if you have huge harddisk)

Other helpful functions.
-CloneHarddisk to file (save entire harddisk as it is to file)

Planned addons
-SFSbuilder (format,restructure,freshstart))
-mount,unmount sfs file.
--sfs disk health check.

More info
Planned interface has 2 option,  1 is fill full everything on display and 2nd option is minimal as possible but same time fastest because less CPU given to gui progress and more to actual work.

There are no release date since I am working on my free time so dont expect magic in one week lol but you can sent me your email for testing aSFSDoctor and also I am looking for someone with graphic skills to draw nice icons and splash screen.