Wednesday, 27 February 2013


I had some bomberman clone games in my AROS/hd..

Download will be linked when ready.. 

FrameBuild Rework..

FrameBuild 0.4..


and a sample video

a sample avi file created using FrameBuild

I am currently not porting games anymore but will maintain the games i port so far..
 Now restarted to work on my native AROS apps only.

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Red Alert For Aros

To play this game you need the data (.mix) files from the original Westwood Red Alert 1

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

SFSundelete v 0.1

SFSundelete v 0.1

Work in progress..

Than Another One

And than (last and final look)...

Added few more function..

SFSundelete restore's recently deleted last 25 files.

SFS supports a special directory (the ".recycled" directory) which contains the files you most recently deleted.  This directory allows you to quickly and easily recover a file you deleted by accident.

Undeleting a file is a matter of moving or copying the file from the Recycled directory to a different location.

The contents of the this special directory is maintained by the filesystem.   You're not allowed to move files there or create new files in this directory.   

Files stored in the Recycled directory will automatically be deleted when the disk gets full, or when the directory contains more than 25 files.

You're not allowed to change the contents of files stored in the Recycled directory; this also goes for their name, comment, protection bits and date.

The Recycled directory itself will only get created during formatting.  It is not possible to create a Recycled directory afterwards (atleast not for now).  The Recycled directory can't be deleted, but you are allowed to rename it.  It is even possible to move the Recycled directory into a subdirectory so it won't show up in your root directory.

Monday, 4 February 2013

The File Server is going under some major upgrades

The File Server is going under some major upgrades and will be mostly inaccessible for most today (04/02/2013) and all the files are going to be stored in cloud storage so i dont go over the bandwidth again