Sunday, 8 September 2013

zOGGPLayer 0.1

zOGGPlayer 0.1

  • Total Play Time added
  • Load/append/save Playlist
  • Search
  •  Deep down Description
  • Slide about within track time
  • clickable buttons > mute/unmute/play/pause/next/prev/stop/exit

Backround story..

i fail to port OVPlayer due to incomplate gtk on AROS,I than rewrite entire OVPlayer into zune and used classes+zune/mui functions. In short it was a war against lost time while trying to port OVPlayer.

I also ported  aVorbisPlayer a cli version from aminet..

This version dont have volume slider but planned..

set stack 4000 if needed.

To run just open shell/cli than type
zoggplayer a_ogg_track or just zoggplayer

Please note!! I did not tested well, so any bug found than report to

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