Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Harmony Player 0.4 - The Turn On

HarmonyPlayer version 0.4

Harmony Player started as just mp3 player than turned into multi format music player for AROS only..

Than The Time Line Class In Action.

Added New!  (Duration Zune/mui Class)
Music/Songs Play Time Duration for Ogg/Mp3/FLAC and adding others..


Timeline zune/mui/class. 
Playlist management.
New zune/mui interface.
New memmory management.
Load/save/Remember last loaded location..

Entire structure was changed but i never had time from my other projects to get myself back to HP. I am back on this so i can go back to LunaPaint after..  

Sorry for Delay!
My life gone busy again and i do work on HP when i get free time.. 

Note! Update should start with AutoUPdater First..

Uploaded to my server.

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